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Our pupil’s wellbeing, along with their mental and physical health, is at the heart of our curriculum at Fallings Park. We teach our pupils the skills they need to become affective citizens. We focus on their ability to build positive relationships, keep safe, including online, as well as helping them to develop a positive body image. Our pupils develop empathy, respect and tolerance for others and are supported to set themselves aspirational goals. Our curriculum is rigorous yet flexible, to respond to the ongoing needs of our pupils. We offer ‘In the News’ sessions regularly, where pupils engage with issues from the wider world. We feel it is crucial to provide these learning opportunities for our pupils, to set them up for a successful life beyond our school. We explicitly teach the vocabulary relating to the RSHEe curriculum in a sensitive manner. We are committed to ensuring our pupils gain the confidence and skills they need to access a range of wider opportunities, to be the best that they can be.

Please contact us for more information on our curriculum.

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