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Behaviour and Relationships at Fallings Park

At Fallings Park Primary School, we believe in building positive relationships between staff based upon mutual respect. We support pupils with taking responsibility for their own behaviour through a restorative approach, The staff work together as a team and support one another in a common positive approach.

At Fallings Park Primary School we aim to establish a code of conduct to be applied consistently throughout the school which will allow each pupil to:

  • maximise their learning potential 

  • take responsibility for their own behaviour 

  • develop self-discipline

  • develop self-respect 

  • learn consideration and respect for other people and their needs


The Behaviour Blueprint supports staff with applying the restorative approach, and also provides guidance on appropriate consequences for different behaviours.

We have 3 key school values which encourage the pupils to have responsibility for their own behaviour.


These are:

  1. Ready    2. Respectful    3. Safe

Alongside these we also have 4 learning behaviours which support the pupils in their learning. These are:

  • ‘In It To Win It’ – focuses on attendance every day in order to achieve their true potential

  • ‘Be Prepared’ - focuses on pupils having the correct equipment for every lesson.

  • ‘Stick At It’ – focuses on pupils having resilience to complete tasks

  • ‘Going The Extra Mile’ – focuses on pupils doing more than the bare minimum and showing initiative for independent learning

For further information please refer to the Behaviour Policy in the Policy and Procedures section of the website.


Your child should be happy and safe in school. If you feel that your child is being bullied in school – TELL US. We appreciate your input and will take up your concerns.
We aim, as a school, to produce a safe and secure environment where all pupils can learn without anxiety (please refer to the school Behaviour Policy for the systems and procedures that show how).
The school aims to produce a consistent response to any bullying incidents that may occur.
The school aims to make all those connected with the school aware of our opposition to bullying, and we make clear each person’s responsibility with regard to the prevention and response to, bullying in our school.
For further information please refer to the Anti-Bullying Policy in the Policy and Procedures section of the website.

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