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House Groups and School Council

Our Houses

In our School we have four ‘Houses’. Each child and staff member are in a house. We compete for house points each week and there is a term trophy.

We are proud of our School but even prouder of our Houses!

The only staff member who is not allowed to have a house is the Headteacher. This was decided at a Council Meeting a long time ago.

Our Houses are named after British Birds.



If you are a Woodpecker your colour is green.



If you are an Owl your colour is yellow.



If you are a Robin your colour is red.



If you are a Kingfisher your colour is blue.

Our School Council collect up the points we earn every week.

School Council

We also have a School Council. Each class elects a school councillor at the beginning of the year. They meet together and with teachers. We discuss lots of things such as all the changes in the school building, behaviour, attendance and we give ideas for improvement.

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