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About Our School

Our School Aims

Fallings Park Primary School is committed to a continuing process of improving the quality of pupils’ learning. We strive to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which every child can achieve. Our mission statement says ‘Learn Today for Tomorrow’s Success’ and we aim:


· For all pupils to meet their full potential and make good progress

· To provide high quality teaching

· To create an inclusive school where all pupils are engaged in a broad, balanced and purposeful curriculum.

· To develop caring, confident and independent pupils with a positive disposition to learning and each other.

· To work as an integral part of the community for the benefit of all stakeholders in the school.

· To provide a learning environment that is safe and gives the highest regard to pupils’ well-being. 

· To create a leadership and management system that has a shared vision of school improvement and provides a model for the development of others.

Our School Values

We have 3 key school values which encourage the pupils to have responsibility for their own behaviour. These are:

  1. Ready

  2. Respectful

  3. Safe

Our Learning Behaviours

We also have 4 learning behaviours which support the pupils in their learning. These are:

· ‘In It To Win It’ – focuses on attendance every day in order to achieve their true potential.

· ‘Be Prepared’ - focuses on pupils having the correct equipment for every lesson.

· ‘Stick At It’ – focuses on pupils having resilience to complete tasks.

· ‘Going The Extra Mile’ – focuses on pupils doing more than the bare minimum and showing initiative for independent learning.

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