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Outdoor Learning

At Fallings Park we believe that all children have the right to experience and enjoy the essential and special nature of being outdoors. Our children have free access to stimulating outdoor environments for learning through engaging lessons and real experiences. Our staff believe also learning outdoors is an essential part to unlocking the potential of outdoors for your children.  Through knowledge and enthusiasm your child’s physicality, love for the outdoors and biological drive to experience nature will be taken care of. We strive to ensure our outdoor environments are a dynamic, flexible and versatile place. Learning outside at Fallings Park Primary School offers the perfect companion to provision indoors, working in harmony and providing a complimentary environment that enhances and extends the traditional curriculum.

Now Press Play

This is an award-winning audio resource that engages children in the curriculum through sound, story and movement.  Every child is given a pair of wireless headphones they can use both indoors and outside. Immersed in sound, they then become the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places and solving problems on an educational adventure they’ll never forget! From travelling throughout the UK in order to save the Queen, to being an evacuee experiencing an air raid in World War 2, these audio adventures are a fun and inclusive way to engage all our children with the curriculum.

Tag Tiv 8

Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. TagTiv8 helps develop ways to combine English, Mathematics and other subjects with Physical Activity. The games and ideas provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom-based learning whilst also promoting physical activity. There are two elements to each activity: a physical challenge to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up followed by a thinking challenge. This involves collaboration with others and provides opportunities to consolidate key skills in Maths, English and other subjects, whilst at the same time encouraging pupils to think creatively.

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Nature Friendly Schools
Fallings Park are delighted to be taking part in a project called Nature Friendly Schools this year. NFS is a national project taking place in selected primary, secondary and special schools across England.

Its overarching aim is to have a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of young people in schools by increasing the amount of time spent learning outdoors.

The Nature Friendly Schools Aims are to:

1. Help to improve mental health and wellbeing in pupils

2. Encourage better engagement with school among pupils

3. Develop teachers’ confidence to embrace and deliver outdoor learning

4. Create an increased care and concern for the environment 

Currently Year 3 have received specialist lessons from one of the NFS Wildlife Trust education officers. Across this academic year our aim is to increase the amount of time all year groups spend outdoors across all areas of the curriculum.

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“There is no such thing as bad weather- only the wrong clothes.”

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