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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement of Intent

Fallings Park’s curriculum is designed to enable all pupils to work towards our mission statement: Learn Today For Tomorrow’s Success. As we want our children to thrive and contribute to both the school and local communities, our curriculum provides a memorable, knowledge-rich learning experiences in every stage of school life, within and outside the classroom. The primary focus of our curriculum is to provide a purpose and relevance to learning, whilst making connections between all subject areas. The children will be exposed to a rich vocabulary through the whole curriculum. Our school intends to empower students to embrace every learning opportunity, achieve their personal best and build their social, emotional, mental and physical well-being through a wide variety of experiences. This will provide our children with the foundations to become curious and creative thinkers; respectful and reflective individuals and be self-motivated learners. 

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Year Group Overviews

Curriculum Policies

Please contact us for more information on our curriculum.

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