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The Governing Board manages the school through the Head Teacher. The full governing board meets formally each term during the school year. In addition to these meetings, there are committees which meet regularly to give certain issues more time for consideration.

Members of the Governing Body are made up of nominees appointed by the LA, Co-opted Governors, Staff Governors, Parent Governors and the Headteacher, who has the option of being a Governor. All members are elected for a period of 4 years.

All our Governors have voting rights.

​All Governors may be contacted through the school.

When a vacancy arises, stakeholders are informed of the vacancy and elections are undertaken.

Our Governors

Mr Chris Watabiki

Ms Melanie Muir

Mrs Manjeet Kaur

Mrs Maxine Bott

Ms Helen Atkinson

Mr Chris Weatherstone

Julie Watts

Cllr Chris Burden

Mr Steve Fletcher

Mr Ray Green

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